Finish It, My Dear
"Everyday happenings in a normal teenager's life."
Hey everyone I'm TJ Sjobakken. I'm a Junior this year. 16. Uhm I love Metric and Emily Haines, and anything related to them. Music taste falls into the alternative/indie category. Also a huge film buff, and write a lot.
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showmereallove-deactivated20120: hey, how are you? :)

I am great! How about you?

24th September • 11:52 am
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Well guys I can officially speak Spanish at a 4th grade to 5th grade level of a native speaker!

Yay! Rejoice! 

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Metric- Rock me now

I think Jimmy has a wonderful voice

10 listens

So I finally asked that girl to Homecoming…

I did it like last minute in the lamest way but she said yes. The tickets cost $25 the corsage cost $13. Who knows how much dinner will be. I have to hang with her group of friends who I do not like, and I can’t dance. What have I gotten myself into?Eh hopefully it works out 

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